David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher

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Collecting all the stories from "Dilemmas of Darkness" and "Courage in Darkness" into one volume

An infinite array of Realities exists, all around us. Less than a single breath away.
Standing Like a Man
While investigating rumours of child abuse, a young man finds a foe more deadly than any bully he has encountered before.
Tribulations of Sanity
Desperate to have his work performed, a jaded musician learns his song has much deeper resonances than he could have imagined.
Ghost in the Machine
A medical student has to fight for her soul when she is kidnapped by men with unnatural plans for her.
Lair of Muros
While searching an office block for a mysterious killer, a seasoned veteran finds himself confronted by a foe he can neither see nor understand.
The Unreadable Story
A mysterious addition in a volume of horror stories leads a newly ordained priest deeper into the world of spirit and the unknown than he knew existed.
Fur Dale
When a young nurse learns the children in her care have found a portal to a world beyond our own, she must risk her own life to save theirs.

Facing these Other Realities is a group of individuals, all linked by shared experiences.
They are AMOK.