David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher

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Courage in Darkness

There is more to Reality than the world we experience through our senses.
In fact, there are an infinite array of Realities, all around us.
Less than a single breath away.

Ghost in the Machine
Emma Carlon is a normal student, working her way to become a doctor. When she is kidnapped one night, she fears for her freedom and her life, but soon realise that what her captors want from her is much more intimate—and eternal—than she could ever know.
Lair of Muros
Special Operative, Sergeant Dale, is a seasoned veteran and resents babysitting junior officers as they cut their teeth on routine jobs While searching an office block for a mysterious killer, however, Dale soon finds himself confronted by a foe he can neither see nor understand.
The Unreadable Story
Father Frank Jenkins finds himself embroiled in events that none of his training had prepared him for. When a mysterious addition in a volume of horror stories is suspected of housing a curse on a family, Father Jenkins is drawn deeper into a world of spirit and the unknown than he knew existed.
Fur Dale
Since being possessed, Molly Plummer thinks she understands the dark worlds of the Other Realities. But when she learns that the children in the Home she works in have found a portal to a world beyond our own, she discovers levels and layers of fear she did not believe could exist. Will she be willing to risk her own life to save theirs?

All of them find themselves facing impossible situations and must find reserves of courage they only hope they have.