David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher

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Dilemmas of Darkness

There is more to Reality than the world we experience through our senses.
There are an infinite array of Realities, all around us.
Less than a single breath away.

Standing Like a Man
Recently bereaved, Stephen Miller investigates rumours of child abuse in the family-run children’s home. There he finds a foe darker and more deadly than any bully he’s encountered before. And, with the woman he is beginning to care for having become so deeply entwined in it all, he fears he will not be able to save both her and the children from their fate…

Tribulations of Sanity
Jaded music teacher, Tom Hart, only wants to have his song performed to a wider audience, but as more choristers drop out of rehearsals, he despairs of his magnum opus ever being heard. When he discovers local children practicing black magic, he begins to fear there is more going on than a disinterested choir. As he learns that his song is at the heart of things, he realises that much more is at stake than his reputation as a musician…

Both must make the choice: to do the thing he wants to do; or to do the right thing.