David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher

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Heroes from Beyond

An obese singer and a small-time criminal are not the Heroes the folk of Cumrahdy had hoped for.

Summoned by illegal wizards to combat a spreading malice that threatens the land, these two are cast out, friendless, powerless and pursued by church troops as demons. They fall in with a native woman who harbours deep resentments at what has happened to her land but, despite her misgivings, the three join forces to escape.

Unknown to them, their fate is being manipulated by the mysterious Mowran who are considered gods by some, but demons by most, and are led by somebody everyone thought was dead.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the malicious plague is well aware of these two Heroes, having had a hand in their summons. With his own agenda at stake, he prepares his final magic: a force so potent it could strip the land of all power to harbour life.