David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher

Hi, I'm David Stone, author and independent publisher

My Writing Philosophy:

"The important thing about writing is to get words on paper, whatever those words may be:
A page of bad writing can be improved, but a blank page is just a blank page."

Who I Am

I was born and raised in and around Oxford, UK, where I still live with my partner and her cat. Having been a dog person all my life, I am coming to appreciate the charms of the feline characteristics.
When I'm not writing, or working at my full time job at Oxford University, I like to walk in the countryside. I also spend a lot of time per week working on our allotment, which provides me with much needed fresh air, exercise and mindful meditation. Also veg.
Having battled all my life with compulsive over-eating and the resultant obesity, I have recently shed 200lb to achieve a normal, healthy weight. (Full details will come shortly in my up and coming book, "You Can Conquer Obesity")
I started writing in my late teens in an effort to prevent my head exploding from the building pressure of story ideas, and it is my dream to, some day, be able to afford to write full time.

What I Write

My greatest love is fantasy
Principally Cross-Over Fantasy and Urban Fantasy
But also High Fantasy and Science Fiction

I tend to write stories that are on the darker side, but which have a healthy dose of optimism and humour within them. My characters frequently battle with self-doubts, but they are nothing if not fighters, struggling to find answers to the problems they come across.

I write them like this in the hopes that they will rub off on me.

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