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Heroes From Beyond Cross-Over fantasy
This is the most complete manuscript I have, which should need the least amount of work (and, therefore, time) to finalise. This is the one that I will focus on first, after I have finished You Can Conquer Obesity
In a land ravaged by a plague that renders its victims mindless, living husks, a group of illegal wizards call on ancient mythology to summon up a Hero from the World Beyond. However, the summons is marred by the personal and political ambitions of each of the wizards, while the perpetrator of the plague also has a hidden hand in the calling.
The two men who appear in response to the summons are far from the 'heroes' anyone had hoped for, and they are not happy to have been snatched from their lives
While the wizards, the leaders of the land, the church and an out-cast nomadic clan all vie for control of the two heroes, only one man seems to hold the answer.
Sadly, he is dead...

You Can Conquer Obesity
Not just a how-to-diet book, this is the in-depth story of my experiences with obesity, featuring:
      How and Why I became obese
      What impact this had on my life
      Detailed explanations of how I learned of, faced, and finally conquered the issues that caused me to become obese in the first place
      What I learned that makes me confident that I will not simply put all that weight back on - despite still being a compulsive over-eater.


My Planned Books

Over the years, I have written a lot of novels (see My Bio for details) and, while they are not yet ready for publication, I intend to work on them all and get them to a publishable form as soon as I can.
Note: All the titles listed here are working titles only, and may well change before publication.
See my Home Page for new updates on my progress.

A Dream So Real Cross-Over fantasy
This is an entirely new, totally re-thought version of the very first full length novel I ever wrote. I have got about half of the first draft written so far.
Gary Scott, recently widowed, struggles with grief and yearns for an escape from reality into the fantasy worlds that he loves.
When he wakes to find himself in just such a world, he believes he has sunk into a psychosis and is trapped within his own delusions.
Befriended by a woman who is almost an exact image of his dead wife, and haunted by nightmares of her, Gary sets out on a perilous journey to end the dream and break himself out of the psychosis.
But it is not so straight forward. Upon discovering anachronistic technology, Gary begins to wonder if he has gone mad - or if the world has...

The Blacksmith Prince
This is a totally re-thought version of the second full-length novel I ever wrote.

In a world where magic holds sway, but very few have any control over it, Luck is not always what it seems

Makun has always been lucky.
Whether it was getting away with his escapades as a barefoot urchin, wooing the prettiest girls in his youth or being apprenticed to the only smith in a very large area, everything seemed to go right for him. When he is identified as the illegitimate son of the King of Cantor and taken to live a rich life in court, everyone in his village just thinks he has come up trumps again.
To Makun, however, snatched from his home, his friends, his career, his fiancee, to be dumped in a baffling world of court intrigue that he knows nothing about, to be used as a political pawn in a game where he does not know the rules, it seems his luck has finally run out.

Laira has always been lucky.
Born a Brosteen noblewoman, she has known wealth and luxury all her life. Now, however, the war with Cantor has come to her idyllic estate. With her lands burned, her husband and retainers dead, Laira finds herself the lowest of the low, a branded slave being shipped to a life of fear and drudgery in an enemy land.
She knows her luck has finally run out.

But fate has other plans for both of them. Coming from diametrically opposite paths, these two are destined to meet in the chaos of a war-torn land where political ambition and magical ability are not the defining powers they seem to be.
Only together can they gain the control that is needed to stabilise the world and prevent the impending cataclysm.
It seems that Luck has a twisted sense of humour.

'The Awoken' Series Urban fantasy. Linked stand-alone novels comprising of:
      Soul Debt
      The Dragon's Path
      Twelve Hides
I have complete first-draft manuscripts for Soul Debt and The Dragon's Path but they will need a lot of work to bring them up to strength. Twelve Hides is only a series of ideas at the moment.
Beneath the surface of the modern world lies a vortex into a darker dimension than any human can imagine in his worst nightmares.
Against this are the Awoken, reincarnated guardians who keep the world safe and blissfully unaware of the lurking horror just beneath the surface of Reality...

Each novel has its own story line, with a linking story arc tying the three together.
(This series explores the 'Experts' first featured in Dilemmas of Darkness)

These are the novels that I intend to work on in the first instance and to get them ready for publication as soon as possible.
After these, I have further ideas for novels with full - albeit basic - plot lines already mapped out:

Dreambase a cross-over fantasy in which two men learn to become wizards
Range: Point Oh One Lightyears a science fiction novel that creates some back-story for A Dream So Real
Journey of Innocence a high fantasy about a boy becoming a wizard's apprentice and discovering a deeper secret about himself
The Brotherhood a high fantasy in which a newly ordained priest must do battle against the entities ravaging his land. addition to all these, should I get a few spare moments in the down-time between writing first-draft and revision (and I fully intend to!) then I have ideas for more short stories and novellas which I will squeeze out as and when I can.

Watch This Space!
I am planning to produce quite a library!