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Moon Dragon and Other Stories

Moon Dragon
What mystery lies hidden in Elissa's cottage and why, after sixteen years of peace, have the dragons come for it?
With the Dragon Watch on her trail Elissa is running out of time. She must clear her father's name and unlock the secret of the Moon Dragon before the evil Queen takes full control of all the elements of Nature and Magic.
But with no one left to help her, will Elissa be strong enough to fulfil this mighty task?

In Moon Dragon and Other Stories, David J. Stone brings together sixteen short stories and novellas of fantasy, the supernatural and science fiction.
Ranging from the humorous to the horrific, these stories bring you dragons and wizards; vampires and demons; androids and time travel all in one packed volume.

My Planned Books

Over the years, I have written a lot of novels (see My Bio for details) and, while they are not yet ready for publication, I intend to work on them all and get them to a publishable form as soon as I can.
Note: All the titles listed here are working titles only, and may well change before publication.
See my Home Page for new updates on my progress.

Slaves of Destiny
This is a totally re-thought version of the second full-length novel I ever wrote, one novel over two books. I have a complete first draft of the first book written.

In a world where magic holds sway but few have any control over it, Luck is not always what it seems.

Makun and Laira have always considered themselves lucky, but one night all that ends.
Makun, snatched from his life as a blacksmith, is thrown into a dangerous world of political struggles to be used as a pawn in a game he does not understand.
Laira, snatched from her life as a noblewoman, is thrown into a dark world of slavery to be sold as property to the highest bidder.
It seems to them both that their luck has finally run out.
Fate, however, has other plans. A greater power is rising and Makun and Laira might be the only ones who can avert the rise of a tyrant more cruel than their world has ever seen.

Luck, it would seem, has a twisted sense of humour...

'The Awoken' Series Urban fantasy. Linked stand-alone novels comprising of:
      Soul Debt
      The Dragon's Path
      Twelve Hides
I have complete first-draft manuscripts for Soul Debt and The Dragon's Path but they will need a lot of work to bring them up to strength. Twelve Hides is only a series of ideas at the moment.
Beneath the surface of the modern world lies a vortex into a darker dimension than any human can imagine in his worst nightmares.
Against this are the Awoken, reincarnated guardians who keep the world safe and blissfully unaware of the lurking horror just beneath the surface of Reality...

Each novel has its own story line, with a linking story arc tying the three together.
(This series explores the 'Experts' first featured in Dilemmas of Darkness and taken further in Courage in Darkness)

These are the novels that I intend to work on in the first instance and to get them ready for publication as soon as possible.
After these, I have further ideas for novels with full - albeit basic - plot lines already mapped out:

Dreambase a cross-over fantasy in which two men learn to become wizards
Range: Point Oh One Lightyears a science fiction novel that creates some back-story for A Dream So Real
Journey of Innocence a high fantasy about a boy becoming a wizard's apprentice and discovering a deeper secret about himself
The Brotherhood a high fantasy in which a newly ordained priest must do battle against the entities ravaging his land. addition to all these, should I get a few spare moments in the down-time between writing first-draft and revision (and I fully intend to!) then I have ideas for more short stories and novellas which I will squeeze out as and when I can.

Watch This Space!
I am planning to produce quite a library!