David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher

My Commitment to my Readers

If I am expecting people to part with their money, and devote a portion of their lives to reading something that I have created, then I think it is only fair that I commit to honour both of those resources.

I am not a vanity publisher. I do not simply throw my stories out into the world for the simple thrill of seeing them listed on bookseller sites.

I love my stories.
I care about them and I want to do my best by them.
I craft them as well as I am able. I send them out to readers, and other writers, with instructions to tell me everything that is wrong with them. Then I re-work them based on that feedback.

Only then does it appear for the general public.

So, rest assured that every book of mine has satisfied more people than just me, as well as more objectively-critical minds than mine can ever hope to be with regards to my stories.