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Be aware there may be spoilers in material relating to published works

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Latest Offering:

The back story behind "Moon Dragon":
Writer's Ramblings: It's origin

Previous Offerings:

The origin of "A Dream So Real":
Writer's Ramblings: Where it came from and what it might have been

Some Behind the Scenes material from "Courage in Darkness":
Writer's Ramblings: History of the origins of the stories."

Map of Cumrahdy:
Map of Cumrahdy: The map from my latest novel, "Heroes from Beyond."

A Christmas Story:
Merry Christmas, Edward Lee: A homeless man faces Christmas alone and friendless.

Some behind-the-scenes material from Dilemmas of Darkness:
Writer's Ramblings: history of the origins and my own thoughts about both the stories
Back Story: how events led up to the start of "Standing Like a Man"
Characters: some notes on key characters in "Standing Like a Man

Flash Fiction (a storyin 500 words or less)
Merry-Go-Round A fun fairground ride becomes a nightmare for a small boy