David J. Stone, Author and Independent Publisher


11th June 2021
"Moon Dragon" has been published in Kindle format!!
I hope to format the paperback version over the next couple of days.

1st June 2021
I have been working much more slowly than I had hoped.
I've written a few short stories for the collection, but it is a long way from being done. I am currently working on a novella to go in it. When it's finished, I'll put this collection aside for a while and focus on the collection of Christmas stories. I want to make sure I get them finished in time for Christmas.
I have, however, decided that 'Moon Dragon' will be published as a stand-alone novella, as it is very different in style to the other stories in the collection.

28th Januray 2021
I have finished "Moon Dragon"!
I'll put it aside for now and work on other stories for this collection.

16th Januray 2021
I have largely finished "Moon Dragon"
I still have the final denouement chapter to write, and both of those will need typing up. I am already pondering some alterations, now that I have a clear idea of what is happening.

13th Januray 2021
I have resumed work on "Moon Dragon"
Going a bit more slowly than I thought, as I need to work out exactly how the climax develops. I know how it concludes, just not the exact details of how it gets there.

12th January 2021
I'm getting ready to start writing again.
My goals for this year are a little less clear than last year.
I want to work on a few novellas that have come to me recently. The first one is "Moon Dragon" which I have already started. My priority will be to finish this and complete the collection of short stories, hopefully to be published by June.
After that, it's less clear. There is a collection of Christmas stories that I had hoped to get done for Christmas just gone, but I missed that with finishing off "A Dream so Real."
I want to write those in plenty of time for next Christmas, so those are my primary projects at the moment.
I might resume work on "Slaves of Destiny" at some point, or I might start a different project. With my writing break over Christmas, I've started to think in different directions, and I want to leave my options open at the moment.

2nd December 2020
I have decided to take a break from writing. I've been working farily solidly at it, on one project or another, for a long time and I feel a need to stop and recuperate

2nd December 2020
"A Dream So Real" has been published in Kindle and paperback format!!

25th November 2020
Starting the final polish of "A Dream So Real" in preparation for publication.

2nd November 2020
Got feedback from my beta readers, so now's the time to begin the final revision of "A Dream So Real"

1st November 2020
I've almost finished the first draft of "Moon Dragon." I've just got the climax to write now, but I need to stop working on that as I want to spend November finalising "A Dream So Real" in order to get it published in time for Christmas

15th September 2020
I've begun writing "Moon Dragon" a novella for the new collection of short stories.
I am excited about this one, as it is a totally new story idea - it came to me earlier in the summer - whereas all the other stories in the collection have been in my mind for a long time (twenty years and more, in some instances)

3rd September 2020
Gone through a few existing short stories and begun editing them for inclusion in another short story collection.
Some of them can be used more-or-less as they are, others require major revision.
In addition, I have ideas for several new stories that I will start writing soon.

29th August 2020
Sent "A Dream So Real" out to Beta readers
I've asked for reports by the end of October, so I'm hoping I'll be able to publish by the end of November.

19th August 2020
Didn't take a break
Finished the revision of "A Dream So Real"
I'm in the process of reading it through as a novel, making notes of any typos etc I find, before I send it out to beta readers.

7th August 2020
Revised the first half of "A Dream So Real
I might take a short break before starting the second half.

6th July 2020
Started revising "A Dream so Real" and have done the first two chapters so far
I like where the new vision is taking it!

10th June 2020
"The Book of AMOK" is published in ebook and paperback format!!

Next on the agenda is to revise "A Dream so Real."
I am hoping that will be published by the end of 2020.

5th June 2020
"Courage in Darkness" is published in ebook format!!

Next, I want to revise "Dilemmas of Darkness" and I will then publish both collections in a single volume, in both ebook and print format
I'm hoping that will be done in the next week or so.

4th June 2020
Decided on an over-all title for this collection:
"Courage in Darkness"

30th May 2020
Got feedback from beta readers.
Beginning final revise and polish.

17th May 2020
Revised "Ghost in the Machine"
"Lair of Muros" and
"The Unreadable Story
Just got "Fur Dale" to revise now, then I'll get them beta-read before the final polish.
I'm hoping to publish sometime in June.

8th May 2020
Finished "Fur Dale" at 25,391 words.
All four are now written, so it's just a matter of revising them before publication.

3rd May 2020

Progress is still going slower than I would like
Nevertheless, I have got 20,000+ words written on "Fur Dale" and I like where it's going

26th March 2020

Sitting in isolation during the Coronavirus Pandemic, like most of the UK, you'd think it would be the perfect time to write, but I'm feeling a bit too unsettled right now.
Nevertheless, progress is happening.
I've finished the first draft of "Slaves of Destiny" at 109,960 words. This is volume one of a two-book novel.
I've also got three of the four stories for the follow on from "Dilemmas of Darkness." No over-all title for the volume as yet, but the titles of the four stories are:
"Ghost in the Machine" (finished)
"The Unreadable Story" (finished)
"The Lair of Muros" (finished)
"Fur Dale" (in progress)
There are new characters in each story, but also the return of some old friends from "Dilemmas of Darkness"!
Once these are all written, revised and polished I will be publishing them in both e-book and paperback format.

17th January 2020

Although this seems to be in reverse order, I am currently working on the first draft of "Slaves of Destiny." I started this in October, while I was working on getting "Heroes" published.
I have now got 47,000+ words written. I intend to finish this first draft through the winter months and then begin getting the other stories ready for publication.

11th January 2020

I have just published "Heroes from Beyond" in Paperback!
This is the first time I have seen one of my stories as a Real Book!

Plans for the coming year:

Get "Heroes from Beyond" published in paperback, and look into other ebook formats as well.
Revise, polish and publish my novel "A Dream so Real" in ebook and paperback formats
Complete, revise, polish and publish the follow-on AMOK stories
Publish "The Book of AMOK, a compendium of both AMOK books in ebook and Paperback format.
Write the first draft of "Slaves of Destiny"

15th December 2019

I have just published "Heroes from Beyond" in Kindle format!
I will work on how to convert this into a paperback format and hopefully have that ready within a week or two.

News Feed Lost

I inadvertantly deleted all my news updates from September 2017.
Suffice to say, I have spent the last two years writing two novels, one (Heroes from Beyond)ready for publication, the other (A Dream so Real) still in first draft format.
In addition, I have written three out of four planned short stories as a follow on from "Dilemmas of Darkness" and started work on a new novel.

20th September 2017

I have just published "Dilemmas of Darkness" in Kindle format!

11th September 2017

I have finished the main work on "Dilemas of Darkness" (slight change to the book title) and I just have to do one final proof-read on it.
I have a cover design, and I'm in the process of working on the copy (the blurb on the back)
Then I will be ready to publish my first ebook!

August 2017

The two horror / urban fantasy short stories (a novella entitled "Standing Like a Man" and a long-short story entitled "Tribulations of Sanity") are nearing completion
I will be publishing them both in a single volume entitled "Dilemmas in the Dark"

July 2017

I currently have three works that I am in the process of finishing off with a view to publishing soon

1) "You Can Conquer Obesity" the story of how I lost 200lb in weight, came down from Super Obese to Not Obese, and what I learned along the way

2) "Heroes From Beyond" a cross-over fantasy

3) Two short stories, in the urban fantasy genre, that I will publish as a two-story e-book