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19th April 2019

For some reason, all the updates I made from August have disappeared from here.
Suffice to say, I didn't get 'Heroes from Beyond' finshed. After the first draft of the revision, I spent the rest of the year writing the first draft of 'A Dream So Real' while waiting for feedback on 'Heroes' from a writer friend.
I have now completely reworked 'Heroes from Beyond' to a much shorter, tighter story of 124,000 words. This is out with beta readers now and I hope to publish it by the end of the summer.

20th August 2018

Finished the first draft of the revision-rewrite of 'Heroes from Beyond.'
Glad to have got there. The whole story ended up a lot longer and more complex than I had envisioned - about 200,000 words long, though I will most likely shave it down from that.
I'll take a brief break from it then begin a read-through and final revision before sending it off to beta readers for feedback.
In all realism, I probably won't get publish-ready this calendar year, but I won't give up on that target, either.
Time will tell.

10th June 2018

Been laid low with post-viral fatigue, leaving me exhausted since February.
Reluctant to say I'm getting better, as I've thought that so many times over the last few months only to fall back again. Back to work tomorrow after aout three weeks sick leave, and even now I'm only doing a phased return.
I have been able to get some writing done, though not as much as I would normally have achieved if I'd had that length of time off work while in my health and fitness.

25th March 2018

Still not finished the first draft of 'Heroes.'
The whole story is getting longer and more complex, plus I caught two viruses back to back in mid February and have been totally wiped out ever since.
So, I'm not going to guess at a completion date. It will be done as soon as I am able to get it done.
Still hopeful of publishing this year, though.

1st February 2018

I think I have passed the half-way point on "Heroes". It's difficult to be sure, because 'part two' is currently in three different pieces, so I don't have a straight-forward manuscript at the moment.
I am also beginning to consider other titles for it. "Heroes from Beyond" doesn't really fit with how it is going, now.

23rd January 2018

Work is still going well on "Heroes," but what I had thought would be a fairly straight-forward 'add some scenes and polish it up' is rapidly turning into a virtual re-write.
I still anticipate getting it finished to a publishable condition this year, but there is a lot more work than I had anticipated.
Fun, but daunting at the same time!

12th January 2018

Work is going nicely on "Heroes"
From my recent read-through, I discovered some key points that need some major work. To this end, I am restructuring the novel to incorporate a new character who can provide a different view point to address some, rather big, omissions

1st January 2018

Happy New Year!!

For me, that means making my New Year Resolutions.
In 2018, I intend to finish and publish "You Can Conquer Obesity" and "Heroes from Beyond" in both ebook AND print editions.
It would be nice to also finish the first draft of "A Dream So Real" but that might be going a bit far.
Time will tell!

I have finished the main draft of "You Can Conquer Obesity."
It is currently out with a couple of alpha-readers who are checking over the basic structure and how the book as a whole hangs together.
Now to continue with "Heroes from Beyond."

19th December 2017

Posted a new short story over on my Freebies page

1st December 2017

Getting serious about working on "You Can Conquer Obesity"
Much as I love the ideas for novels, I need to get methodical and get one project to a stable place before starting on another, otherwise none of them get completed.

1st November 2017

Got an idea for yet another novel, "The Blacksmith Prince"
Getting excited about that and making notes, but I am forcing myself not to start serious work on it yet.

1st October 2017

Working on revising my novel "Heroes from Beyond"
Also, I have a new draft of "You Can Conquer Obesity" that I'm working on although I am focusing more on fiction at the moment.

18th September 2017

I have just published "Dilemmas of Darkness" on Amazon!

11th September 2017

I have finished the main work on "Dilemas of Darkness" (slight change to the book title) and I just have to do one final proof-read on it.
I have a cover design, and I'm in the process of working on the copy (the blurb on the back)
Then I will be ready to publish my first ebook!

August 2017

The two horror / urban fantasy short stories (a novella entitled "Standing Like a Man" and a long-short story entitled "Tribulations of Sanity") are nearing completion
I will be publishing them both in a single volume entirled "Dilemmas in the Dark"

July 2017

I currently have three works that I am in the process of finishing off with a view to publishing soon

1) "You Can Conquer Obesity" the story of how I lost 200lb in weight, came down from Super Obese to Not Obese, and what I learned along the way

2) "Heroes From Beyond" a cross-over fantasy

3) Two short stories, in the urban fantasy genre, that I will publish as a two-story e-book